Sunday, January 16, 2011

U*tique luxury vending machine [ Touch, swipe and you’re done! ]

I found this and I think is quite interesting and thought of sharing with everyone out there. THE BEAUTY PRODUCT VENDING MACHINE !

It’s the new way to shop for luxury beauty products. I must say that vending machines never looked so inviting. Enter the U*tique vending machine that doles out beauty products from luxury brands like Lancome, Bliss, Chantecaille, C.O. Bigelow, Lancaster, ZIRH, Lipstick Queen and Zelens. Beauty vending machines are not a new thing, but the U*tique takes the concept to a whole new level. This luxury beauty products machine offers 50 selections at a time and is being continuously filled with new, handpicked products. While the interactive bright lights and buttons on the vending machine lure the customers, a touchscreen surface does the work of a salesperson. The automated thing lets the shoppers learn about the product and then dispenses them with a swipe of your credit card. A little robot brings your product safely to you. The U*tique vending machine is all about simplifying the shopping process. The machine makes shopping a real easy task. For now, these vending machines are only at the Fred Segal in Santa Monica, but U*tique has plans to launch the device globally.

This is how the vending machine look like.. !

I still prefer to buy beauty products by walk in to the shops because you get to test the product itself and get some recommendation from the sales promoter.. Although this is quite easy and convenience but definitely not my choice.. how about you? what do you think about this vending machine?



  1. Hello,
    Good vending Machine and Nice concept to purchase of Pepsi in the age of Touchscreen. Nice Information. Thank you.
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