Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How to protect high heels from scratch marks?

High heels have been part of women's wardrobes since ancient times. Their use dates back to ancient civilizations of China, Egypt and Greece. In the 20th century, high heels became more fashionable. Women wear high heels for the added height and the effect they have on posture -- bringing the chest out and the waist back. Keep your high heels in top-notch shape by protecting their heels.


Heels can become unwearable if damaged with scratches.


  • 1
    Clean your high heels. If you have not been extra careful with them, exposure to the outdoors has probably added dirt and grime to their surface. Using soft cloth dipped in water, carefully rub the heels of your shoes. Don't rub too hard as some heels are delicate and can break.

  • 2
    Purchase heel stoppers or heel covers for your high heels. Many brands of heel stoppers are available; they easily slide onto your high heels and provide a snug fit. Choose colorless heel stoppers or ones that match your shoes.

  • 3
    Attach the heel stoppers to your high heels. Work with a table in front of you, placing the stoppers between you and the shoes. Take the left shoe and carefully slide one heel stopper onto its heel. Repeat for the right shoe and then press down both heels on the table to attach the stoppers tightly.

  • 4
    Do a trial run. Wear your shoes with the added heel stoppers/covers and walk around the room to see if they fit well and are comfortable. Practice walking around to get used to the new feeling.

  • Tips & Warnings

    • Use heel stoppers to protect heels from scratches and breaking when outdoors.
    • Take care with high heels. Excessive use can be physically harmful

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