Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Medium Hairstyles for Square Faces

Three Medium Hairstyles for a Square Face
Square shaped faces usually face the issue of an angular jawline that tends to be the main focus. To produce a hairstyle to draw attention from this area, lifting the facial features with texture and framing will create beautiful looks. The three medium ahirstyles below are good choices for square shaped faces, each with different framing and texture.

Mid-Length Bob
This mid-length bob goes great with square face by lifting other facial features and framing the chin area. The layers glide along the face all the way to the chin but bring out the eyes and lips. The higher volume at the top and the swept bangs bring more attention to the top of the face and balances everything out. Overall, this medium hairstyle is a great mid-length cut that balances out square face shapes well.

Sleek and Simple
The first style here is sleek and simple. Usually, simple haircuts are not the best for square shaped faces but this one becomes a good selection. The cut itself is very easy and many women will be able to pull this off. Because the angular jawline of square faces stand out more, the straight bangs and ends help produce a more oval shaped look. Layered locks would produce a better effect but overall this style goes for simplicity and strikes.

Texture and Framing
This style uses texture in the form of curls and waves to gentle lift the facial features. A few layers drop past the chin while some fall around it, producing a nice frame of the middle of the face. The swept bangs draw a lot of attention to the upper area of the face and produce a great balance for the look. A great medium hairstyle for most women with square shaped faces.

Im having a square face.. but i would prefer the Sleek and Simple style much easier to maintain ~


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