Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Medium Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Oval faces are ideal face shapes because of the balance of height and width. Most medium hairstyles will look great with oval face shapes and selecting a hairstyle comes to more on selecting the type of flair desired. From adding curls, waves, multi-layers, and other features, there are tons of ways to produce great medium hairstyles for oval face shapes.

Formal Hairstyle
The next medium hairstyle shows how a formal chignon hairstyle worn by Jessica Biel. Oval face shapes are balanced with width and height and can generally don many formal looks like this one. Here the hair is brushed and tied back at the nape and the front is done in a strong off center part with one strand coming down on one side. For the most part the facial area is left open and attention is drawn there as not other place in the hairstyle is eye grabbing. This is a gorgeous formal hairstyle that can be worn by many women.

Sexy Curls
The last medium hairstyle presented here for oval face shapes is from Charlize Theron. The look is sexy and simple. The layers are lightly curled and tousled out to produce thicker hair at the sides. The multi-layers are allowed to flow down with natural waviness allowing the gentle subtleness of the lips and cheeks. A very fabulous look for longer length medium cuts.

Oval faces people out there.. here you go for the hairstlye that make you look lovely !


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