Thursday, January 20, 2011

5 nails tool every girl should have ~

Show your nails a little extra attention and care by selecting the right nail care products to help them look gorgeous and healthy.You nails are more than just fashion accessories. Stop disregarding their health and put in some extra time to pamper them. You’ll notice the difference of nails that are well-cared-for almost immediately!

1. Anna Sui Hand & Nail Cream, RM50

What is it?A hand and nail cream that strengthens your nails and moisturises your hands.
What does it do?This rich cream contains hydrating emollients to nourish your skin and essential nutrients to make your nails healthier. It protects hands against chapping and irritation.
What else is there to know? Contains non-greasy, mild and gentle oils to soften hands.
Its ingredients consist of raspberry extract, olive oil, grape seed oil, apricot extract and mulberry extract.

2. Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Blue Dahlia, RM60

What is it?A quick-drying nail polish with an intensely brilliant colour.
What does it do?This rich and glossy nail colour is long-lasting; it doesn’t chip off in water or fade due to the sunlight. It has a specially designed brush shape to make application very easy. Just three strokes of this nail polish… and you’re done!
What else is there to know? Contains 11 shades – fuchsia, ruby, rose apricot, frozen fantasy, pink clouds, red hot, rosa rosa as welll as 4 limited edition colours – Blue Dahlia, Surreal Violet, Extravagant Night, Extravagant Pearl.

3. O.P.I. Royal Verbena Massage, RM80

What is it?A moisturising lotion that soothes and revitalises your skin.
What does it do?Reduces calluses and softens dry, rough skin with its formulation of natural sugar crystals, botanical and citrus extracts, antioxidant vitamins and emollients.
What else is there to know? Leaves skin smoother than before with its triple-action, fruit-derived AHAs (alpha hydroxy acid).
This lightweight moisturiser is available in 125 ml and 250ml.

4. Anna Sui Nail Treatment Oil, RM60

What is it?A nail-nourishing treatment to give you healthier and stronger nails.
What does it do?This treatment oil makes your nails look and feel smoother with its intensely moisturising properties. It also strengthens your nails, providing a protective layer on your nail surface.
What else is there to know? There are no parabens, formaldehydes or petrochemicals in this nail treatment oil.
To prevent splits and breaks, massage this treatment oil into your nails for a few seconds.

5. Clarins Paris Foot Treatment Beauty Cream, RM95

What is it?A foot beauty care essential that comforts and soothes tired feet with dehydrated skin.
What does it do?This non-greasy foot treatment cream deeply penetrates your skin to moisturise and smooth away coarseness, thus restoring the natural beauty of your feet. Skin looks supple and more refined.
What else is there to know? Its ingredients consist of virgin cashew nut oil, shea butter, arnica, myrrh, the essential oil of thyme and laponite powder.

To get cheap and nice nail color.. i recommended Elianto and also The face shop ... more choices and affortable price... check it out at the nearest store today !! Make ur nails as beautiful as you are.. !

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