Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good Grooming for Men

Some men don't pay any attention to their grooming, but more men than ever are making grooming a priority. Some do it to retain their youth or professional edge. Men spend more than $4 billion each year on grooming supplies in the United States. One cause of the popularity increase is baby boomers entering middle age.

Body Care

  • Make sure you shower every day, and more often when necessary, such as after working out. You should use body wash instead of soap to keep your skin from drying out. Always use a good antiperspirant or deodorant. Avoid over-perfuming with aftershave, cologne or male body spray.

  • Skin Care

  • You always need a good skin care regime. Find out your skin type, and find the system that works for you. A well-groomed man sport a clear complexion. Be careful of your eyes. Use an under eye cream to remove dark circles, get rid of puffiness and help reduce wrinkles. Finally, always wear sunscreen since burns, peeling and other sun damage will age your skin and ruin your complexion.

  • Shaving

  • A shrinking number of men practice the art of good shaving. Do not use a disposable razor. It is worth the money and protection of your face to buy a good quality one. Next, invest in a good shave brush and shaving cream, gel or lotion. Always shave with the grain--that is, in the direction the hair grows. Put an alcohol-based balm on your skin afterward. Do not try to groom a beard yourself. Always go to a barber. Finally, make sure you check for any missed areas.

  • Hair Care

  • Style all your hair. That includes what is on your head, your eyebrows and your nose. Get a nice haircut that suits your face and hair type. Have your barber trim eyebrows and remove ear hair. Make sure you trim visible nasal hairs too. If you are unsure what is appropriate, schedule an appointment with a stylist to work out your new look. When your eyebrows join in the center, creating one long eyebrow, or unibrow, it is unacceptable. Have your stylist or barber tweeze or wax the hairs in the middle.

  • Hands and Feet

  • Do not forget about your hands and feet. Manicures are crucial to good hygiene. That means no biting, no rough or sharp edges and no dirt underneath. Set aside time to file, trim and keep your nails neat at home. If you have an unpleasant foot odor, try this: scrub your feet daily and dry them completely afterward. Then put anti-odor insoles in your shoes.

  • Oral Hygiene

  • Smiles are important to business and personal relations. If your teeth are stained, you should have them whitened. Consult your dentist for advice. Make sure to brush your teeth and tongue twice a day, and use mouthwash for longer cleaner breath.

  • With all this.. im sure you will get attracted by ladies out there ! =p


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