Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bagging For More

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, handbags can be said to be her very good buddyAnd size doesn't matter at all: Big or small, we love them all! Girl will probably find it a tad tough to survive without her handbag, as for many of us, we tend to carry everything but the kitchen sink in it. While we may be talking about normal outfits that people pair their bads with, it is really up to you to experiment, An oversized sequined clutch with jeans and a tank? Why not! Here we look at the types and what suits you outfit best.^^


This is the most common handbag that girls or women carry and can range in size and slung on the shoulder.
Almost any outfit depending on the material. A leather one would be fantastic with a formal working outfit while a denim one suite casual wear.


A tiny purse-bag, which you normally hold your in your hand or under you armpits during formal functions. It accommodates the essential such as handphone, lipstick and house key.
Formal wear like gowns or little black dress. This is more or black dresses. This is more of an accessory than a carrier. If you want  to look like the belle of the ball, it is probably good to carry a clutch.


A relatively large slouchy bag with a longish strap, the material varies from brand to brand. 
This bag is versatile. You can take it to the office or use it with your bohemian style clothing for a Sunday brunch. It adds a cool slouch to a formal outfit.


Normally quite large and has two straps.
This works better for taller or larger women as it balances out the size. It goes better with casual wear like jeans and T-shirt. Throw in your wallet, keys, laptop, house, kitchen will probably fit! Great for girls who need thongs. Lost of them!


Large and structured, the sling is normally long and you can wear it diagonally across your body so that it rests on one hip.
This goes well with casual wear, or of you go to college or even as a laptop bag. This bag is great if you need both hands free.


Like the messenger bag but smaller. It can be decorated, sequined or plain.
Depending on the patterns on the bag, this could be for anything from formal to casual. If it is beaded and pretty, it'll match a gown.


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