Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How to Match a Shirt and Tie?

There was once a time when the shirt and tie only need to include the same colors in order to match. Today, with patterns and designs, it is harder than ever to show your style and sense of fashion while matching that shirt and tie. It is possible, and we'll show you how.


1. Match the striped shirt. There is a very simple rule when it comes to matching a tie with a striped shirt. The striped shirt can pair with a striped tie as long as the stripes are not the same size. One color in the tie, at least, should match the outer suit jacket, shoes or belt.

2. Match the pattern. When matching a solid color shirt and tie the background of the tie does not necessarily have to match the shirt. But, the pattern colors need to match the shirt in order for the pairing to appear professional.


3. Pick anything you like when wearing a white shirt. White goes with everything!


4. Put a solid tie with a plaid shirt. Try picking out one of the colors in the plaid and matching that color with a solid color tie of the same shade.


5.When trying to step outside of this normal look, think outside of the box and go for a color shirt and a patterned tie.


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