Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Medium Hairstyles For Heart Shaped Faces

Three Medium Looks for Heart Shaped Faces
Medium hairstyles are great for heart shaped faces because the hair can frame the face. The main focus of heart shaped faces is usually pointy chins and a nice medium cut can bring out the cheekbones a little more. Bangs can be used to balance out the facial features as well. The three medium hairstyles here are similar but bring out different features of the face.

Bob Hairstyle Heart Shaped Faces
The first hairstyle is the classic A-line bob that looks flattering on many face shapes including heart shaped faces. This particular hairstyle features a swept fringe with the tresses falling slightly past chin length and brushed towards the face to produce great facial framing and bring out the cheekbones. A very easy look that many women will find a good change.

Framing the Face
The next style shows how framing the face can increase other facial features. The eyes and cheekbones are lifted by framing the hair around facial area with the use of the tresses on both sides. This is a very simple, layered medium hairstyle that features an off center parting and styled straight down. No curls or waves here either as the look already brings much appeal. Overall, a very nice medium cut, some women will find great.

The last style presented here for medium face shapes, is probably the best of the three. The look is sexy and simple. The hair is infused with very soft, light waves that draw attention from other areas. The multi-layers are allowed to flow down with natural waviness allowing the gentle subtleness of the lips and cheeks. A very fabulous look for longer length medium cuts.


Hope this could help you to have a brief idea what type of hair is suitable to the heart shaped faces...


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