Monday, January 17, 2011

Fall Winter 2010-2011: Five Must Have Clothing Pieces

]Chinese New Year is just around the corner.. Everyone starts to shopping for your new clothes? I went to quite a number of places to get some nice clothes and I bought 2 pants , 3 dresses and 2 tops.. Anyway, this season wasnt really nice but luckily i manage to get a few items..

So what is trendy now in the Fashion Line?

1. Overalls for fall
For fall, it is advisable to give up on the fluid, light, and thin materials in favor of those that can heat you up on a cool autumn day. So you can wear a cotton or denim overalls. Whether with long pants or with shorts (worn with thick black tights underneath), the overalls can escape you from the deadlock when you don’t know what to wear. In addition, it is easy to match. You can choose to wear a loose shirt underneath or an elegant blouse, with a jacket or trench coat with many buttons, with tennis shoes or platform sneakers.

 2. Something red
The color red was named the color for the autumn winter season 2010-2011. So whatever you choose, it is important to have in your wardrobe an article in shades of red: wide or thin belts to emphasize the waist, dresses, shirts, blouses, sweaters, boleros, blazers, trench coats or even shoes.
Do not forget that the classic scarf can transform an ordinary outfit into one full of charm and elegance.
**Matches the coming CNY

3. Bold necklaces
Bold necklaces were a must have this summer and continue to be a trend for autumn winter 2010 – 2011. Choose to wear extra long necklaces, which can go around the neck several times.
Regarding the materials from which jewelry is collected, the metallic necklaces predominate, with many details: big rock, stacked up fins, beads or feathers.

4. Shoulder bag
Classic shoulder bag. So, whether simple and made of leather, or whether with sequins or other prints, shoulder bags will become a trend for the cold season. For the days, choose a regular bag, not too big, but large enough to fit your minimum necessary. For evenings, you need a stylish bag to make you stand out: with sequins and stones, with the chain from a metallic material or from strong colors (unless you have a simple outfit).

5. Shoes with laces
After many years they sat in the shade, the shoes with laces are back in the spotlight. This type of shoes can be worn with skinny jeans, with fall shorts (if it is cold, the shorts may be worn with black tights), but also with elegant skirts.

I love Bold necklace so much... I saw quite a number of nice bold necklace at BONITA 1utama but it doesnt worth the price so I didnt get one for myself..

Hope the information about can give you some inspiration on what to get on this coming chinese new year and grab yourself some cool stuff as soon as possible.. last 2 weeks of shopping left !!!!


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