Sunday, January 23, 2011

5 Nail Trends to Try Now

Purple Nail Polish
Jennifer Hudson accessorized her cute LBD with short, bright purple fingertips. If you're interested in playing with the shade, look for a version with blue undertones, like Hudson's, to keep you hands from looking cold.

Dark Taupe Nail Polish
At the Footwear News 24th Annual Achievement Awards in New York City, it was Blake Lively fingertips that made a statement. The complex rosy brown stood out just so against her tawny skin. Be sure to thoroughly buff your nail beds before applying such a dark shade. The roughed-up texture will give the polish something to adhere to--and make it last longer.
Baby Pink Nail Polish
To offset Kim Kardashian’s sexy statement outfit, the star chose a buff and understated pink for her fingertips. The shade is more accessible than plain white and works particularly well with bronze skin and short nails.

Nude Nail Polish  
Can't quite see the tips of Heidi Klum's nails? That's exactly the point. The star turned to a warm, fleshy shade that matched her skin tone almost exactly. A neutral hue slims and elongates the fingers, and works as an elegant complement to a bold print.

Metallic Gray Nail Polish
A year ago, matte nails were all the rage. But as beauty mavens know, all good trends must come to an end. Take Vanessa Hudgens's ultra-shiny metallic gray fingertips. If you're ready to play with a highly reflective tone, take the time to first buff your nails and apply a base coat. They formulas are a bit more fussy than creamy hues and can chip easily without a bit of prep.

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