Friday, January 21, 2011

Long Hairstyles For Square Shaped Faces

Long hairstyles with lots of texture or that are very sleek will go well with square shaped faces. The angularity of the jaw line can be displaced by framing with the hairstyle or using very unique looks to draw attention to the overall style.

Large Curls Long Hairstyle
There are a lot of softening features when it comes to hairstyles for square shaped faces and this hairstyle uses two methods. This lovely hairstyle from Tangles Salon uses a full fringe swept slightly to one side and large, loose curls on all of the tresses to take away attention from angular jawlines and wider forehead areas. Attention is now drawn to the eyes and mouth with these styling additions.

Small Curls Long Hairstyle
The next hairstyle designed by PSC Salon uses the same technique as the first by adding some bangs. This hairstyle also adds small, tight curls throughout the long tresses and styles the hair close to the face and not away from it. This allows for facial framing and bringing attention towards other sections. The hair could also be styled straight down as long as it frames the facial area. Different types of curls and waves can also be used as well.

Long Wavy Hairstyle
The last hairstyle from Jamison Shaw Salon does not use bangs but just by looking the facial framing can be seen. The hair is parted at the center with a slight lift and the tresses are infused with soft waves which really bring out the hair color. The way the hair is styled around the facial area puts the focal point on the overall look of the hairstyle and not mainly on any part. This type of hairstyle is a fantastic option for women who do not have bangs. .

I love the long wavy hairstyle..


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