Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How to measure high heels height ?

There is a general categorisation for heels:

Flatfrom flat mm to 25mm
Lowfrom 25 mm to 60 mm
Mediumfrom 60mm to 85mm
Highfrom 85mm to 100mm
Very Highover 100mm

Also here, like for sizes, there is not a standard. There are 3-4 ways to measure them, usually localized.

American way:
The measured is taken placing the heel, with heel tip, on a flat surface and then measure from the surface to the top of the heel (in the back of shoe).


Italian way:The measure is taken on the heel axis (about the middle of the heel) without tips.

Continental Industry way:
the masure is taken as in fugure and with tips.

Now you will have a brief idea on how to measure your heels? I didnt know that im actually measuring my heels with the american way..


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