Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ladies Lingerie

Lingerie is no more only the 'under essentials'. It has more become a fashion high now, with the ladies going for sexy designer lingeries. 'Lingerie' the term is derived from a French word 'Linge' which means linen. Originally these were made from linen and cotton only but over the years the design patterns, makes and tastes of lingeries have evolved a lot. Today nylon, cotton, polyester, satin, lace, silk, lycra etc. are popularly used for making charming ladies lingerie sets. Also known as intimate clothing, knickers and women's undergarments, these are used for remaining hygienic and modest.

Types of Ladies Lingerie

There are certain popular types of ladies lingerie or women's undergarments, they are :
  • Negligee - It is a loose satin gown that covers to the upper thighs.

  • Baby Doll - It is a short gown that can be of fabric silk that has a bra like upper portion and flares out just under the boobs. It usually comes with matching panties.

  • Peignoir Set - It is a negligee with a matching gown that is made up of silk.

  • Chemise - It is a straight gown having flares that scan over the contours of the body.

  • Corset - It is designed to slim waist and create cleavage. It can come with or with out straps. It gives a flat look when girthed.
  • Bustier - It is usually without strap. It looks like a long bra that has cups and covers the body.

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