Monday, January 17, 2011


75% of us wakes up every morning and the first thing that’ll we’ll do is shave. The other 25% sleeps in bed and has unshaven beards and are jobless. I kid. Not really.

Having a clean shaven face is a powerful social tool that immediately invites respect, trust and opportunities.

Though how it all began probably was due more to a desire to avoid having your face as a hotel for bugs. Records drawn on cave walls showed prehistoric stick figures shaving with sea shells, flint and even shark teeth.

There is one product that was new and novel though, and that was the invention of the first electric dry shaver with oscillating blades in 1928 by a retired Army colonel named Jacob Schick. Today it has turned really high tech and these shavers have turned 3D with the latest Philips SensoTouch 3D shaver that works wet or dry. With 3 heads of oscillating blades that contours to your face smoothly, its not only movies that are made in 3D today.

So guys, dont forget to shave !!!!!!!!!

 Here's the proper way of shaving ~

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