Sunday, January 16, 2011

Style Your Hair

Hey how ya doing? In this coming Chinese New Year, it's time to try something new, don't u think so? Guys, have u ever been thinking of having a new hairstyle? Well, I'm gonna share with u some simple, yet, stylish hairstyle which makes u the guy who walks out looking good, with so much confidence, that all eyes are on u. It's not gonna be a problem to have it at anytime, anywhere. There's no need for a big budget on hair gel, coloring and so on... and u don't have to damage your hair by straightening it or whatever. Just make sure that it suits u. Man's hairs come under so many shapes and styles these days. It can be hard to decide what to get. The secret to find the best hairstyle is to work with what you've got.

Short hairstyles
Short hair looks hot with different variations. Short cut shapes the back and both side of your head. Short hairstyles are ranged from very short cut to uniform cut and more heavy tops.

  • Crew cut 
David Beckham's crew (buzz) cut is suitable for men who look for an easy maintenance hairstyle and clear-cut look. This hairstyle will not cover any part of your face, hence, it makes your figures more outstanding. Getting bored of your current hairstyle? Buzz it off for a fresh start!

  • Mohawk cut
Both side of the head are shaven, leaving a strip of noticeably longer hair in the center. It is associated mostly with the punk rock culture.

  • Short spiked cut
Channing Tatum's hair with spiky in a squared off messy look works great for men who have a classic square shaped face with strong jaw line. Basically, this short hair works for male of all ages. It looks hot and happening. That's a great way to flaunt your sex appeal.

  •  Casual short cut
The back of this style is tapered into the nape with wispy strand left to tickle the collar. The sides are cut close to the head, blending into the top layers which are jagged cut for texture and definition. The bangs are pieced out onto the forehead with a shaggy fringe.

Styling Tip:
Pinch the ends and pull them down around your face to add extra definition to the top sections.

Medium  hairstyles
Medium length hair has many definitions for men. It can mean shorter on the sides and longer on top. It may be longer and shaggy all over. Perhaps it's long enough to be tucked behind the ear. No matter what its variation, it can be very stylish.

  •  Messy shaggy cut
The beauty of this haircut (medium sized hair worked into luxurious locks) is that they are not really specified for any face shape. The basic characteristic is that the hair is crafted in such a way that the hair on the sides of the head ends up shorter than the hair on the top of the hair. Of course, for that to work, you do need medium sized hair. After you attain the requisite cut, getting the desirous shabby look, it's just the technique of applying styling gel, and then blow, drying the hair. There u go with a lush, puffy mass of hair that is styled to perfection that gives your handsome face a godly charm and grace !

  • Shaggy layered cut
Whether it is a simple clean face or a mere casual appearance, Ian Somerhalder always makes it incredible with his innovative touch of hairstyle, giving himself a mature, sexy and messy look.

  • Straight layered cut
Thomas Dekker's hairstyle is done by having layers on top of each other. The longer layers lay on the bottom and the shorter ones are on top. This allows the entire head looks bigger, and also makes the hair look thicker as well. In that case, layered haircuts add volume to the hair, giving u a sharper chin.

Long hairstyles 
Long hair can be attractive and stylish on men as well as women, though the definition is somewhat different. What may qualify as long hair for man is usually below the ear or collar, or sometimes, stretched below their shoulders as well. 

  • Mullet
A guy that can wear mullet hair has a lot going for him. The hair makes a statement, telling the world that u have your own style, and it give u a signature look. When u decide that u want to get this style, it will take a little planning and work. But when it’s done right, that hair will make u look hot!

  • Long layered razor cut
Men with wavy hair need a straightener or flat iron to achieve this style. The hair is straightened with a straightener. The long layered hair have been razor cut to give softness at the end. The side and back have been cut to the shoulder level and flicked out to create light and wispy look. Hairspray is needed to keep the style into place. this hairstyle is suitable for man who has wide jaw line as the layered hair will be able to soften the jaw line.

So these are few low budget hairstyles that u simply can try on. Be yourself doesn't mean u can't have a different look. Have fun!

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