Sunday, January 16, 2011

How to get Nude Makeup [ Natural Make Up ]

Natural Makeup :
You have already hearing about, that famous nude makeup … But what is it exactly ?
This new way to use make-up is also called Natural Makeup.
This beauty trend has been used for several seasons, both on the catwalks and in everyday life.
As its name implies, the goal of this makeup is to display a smooth, luminous complexion and to bring out natural beauty.
The colours used have to be sweet and neutral, and even if it gives the impression not to be using any make-up, it does not mean that we apply less make-up at all.

How to acheive that ?

1. Comb the eyebrows with the special brush, and it fills the holes with a pencil of the same colour. They must be well defined to give depth to the eyes.
2. Draw a thin eyeliner with pencil
3. Apply black mascara on the top and bottom for the eye lashes
** do not put on thick fake eye lashes because it wont look natural..
DONE ~!!!!!!!!!!!

so simple rite?

 Try it today !

This is how the nude make up look like


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