Sunday, January 16, 2011

5. Short Hairstyles for Summer

As you know Malaysia have only 1 season which known as Summer. Although some people would say that Malaysia has 2 seasons which is Summer and Rain but it still known as a Summer country. Therefore, im here to introduce to you the Summer short hairstyles for the ladies out there..

There are 2 types of short summer hairstyles.They are simple yet provide enough flair to grab attention and are versatile enough for many different situations. Each medium hairstyle has a simple guide as well on how to achieve the style.

1. Summer Bob Hairstyle

This bob hairstyle if great for any occasion in summer time and is very easy to manage. The hairstyle can fit casual everyday activities or any special get together. The bangs slightly cover the forehead and the style draws more attention to facial features.

How to Achieve This Style?Apply a handful of mousse from roots to tips. As in the image the hair is parted following small strokes. Use a paddle brush to part the hair and dry using low speed ionic blow dryer. A pomade or styling wax can be used to keep strands in line.

2. Short Summer Hairstyle - Soft Elegance

This short hairstyle is not only simple but is a great look when a formal elegant style is needed. The hair is brushed forward and styled to show the different sections including the wavy bangs. This hairstyle also goes well with a lot of hair accessories like the tiara in the picture or earrings and necklaces.

How to Achieve This Style?Apply a little volumizing cream to the roots before blow drying. Use a large paddle brush to part hair forward. Sweep part of the bangs slightly over the face and apply light pomade to enhance the hairstyle.


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