Monday, February 14, 2011

Yoga Tree Pose

Good balance builds great posture and muscle strength. I suggest working on balance each week.

Things You'll Need:

  • Time
  • Determination
  1. Today, lets focus on a yoga exercise...the tree pose. Stand up straight. Arms in prayer position. Bring the right leg up. The goal is for the right foot to be pressed against the left inner thigh. Hold this position. Then, lift arms over head towards the sky and hold again. Switch legs and repeat. This yoga workout increases stamina and strength in each leg. Don't give up! It will get easier each time!
  2. Now try it! Get into the tree position. Make prayer hands. Start with your right leg. Position your right foot on the left leg. Hold for 30 seconds. Extend arms overhead for another 30 seconds. Switch legs and repeat. Complete 3-4 sets. Lengthen the body for better balance and posture!
  3. Add this to your yoga workout throughout each month. Look thinner and taller with the yoga tree pose!!

Tree pose..

If you're flexible enough you can try this advance tree pose.. which is half Lotus tree pose ~

place ur feet on your thighs ~ and do it vice versa !


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