Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Men's Jewelry Ideas

When chosen with great care, men's jewelry can signify a certain degree of class and personal upkeep. Long ago, such details were a traditional fashion staple for most men. Classic forms of men's jewelry include cufflinks, tie bars and watches--accessories that combine style and function.


  1. These pieces are typically small details that can help polish an overall look and keep articles of clothing in place.

    For example, cufflinks are decorative pieces worn on two sides of a cuff on a dress shirt. They can be customized with a monogram or purchased in a unique shape. According to the New York Times, a tie bar can enhance the overall presentation of a tie by providing drawing the eye upward to a well-tied knot. Like a fine safety pin, collar pins hold a tie and collar in place.

    A watch is another classic piece. According to Forbes, men are gravitating toward vintage-inspired watches for timeless elegance.
  2. Rings, bracelets and necklaces

  3. According to "The Early Show" on CBS, there was a time when the only ring a man would wear was his wedding  ring. Metrosexuals, rap stars and classic-inspired movies such as "Ocean's Twelve" can take responsibility for the resurgence of men's fashion jewelry.

    There's nothing feminine about rings for men. Look for rings in sleek colors, such as silver or pure white gold, and masculine shapes.

    Bracelets can be rugged when they incorporate more industrial materials, such as brushed steel and rubber. Chunky ID bracelets with a meaningful engraving are also an option.

    Men's necklaces once were limited to military dog tag. Now many guys are wearing charms. Subtle symbols such as coins, royal shields, crests, daggers, crosses and tags are appropriate. 


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