Saturday, February 5, 2011

Male Eyebrow Grooming Tips

Both men and women benefit from being well groomed. While eyebrow grooming has generally been the focus of women, rather than men, that has been changing. The men's grooming market in the United States reached approximately $10 billion in 2008. Uni-brows are not attractive on men and should be dealt with. Even with no uni-brow, shaping the eyebrows will improve a man's looks without making him look feminine.


  • Tweezing is an efficient and effective method of hair removal. This involves using tweezers to pluck eyebrow hairs one by one. When using tweezers, make sure that they are clean and that you don't use them for anything else other than tweezing. If possible, tweeze the eyebrows after a warm shower. If that isn't possible, use a wet, warm washcloth and hold it over your eyebrows for at least 5 minutes. The heat and moisture helps open up the pores, making tweezing easier and less painful. When you begin, tweeze the eyebrows in the direction that the eyebrow hair grows. Also, start on the inside, underneath the brows, and pull each hair out one by one. Be conservative and don't remove too much hair to begin with.

  • Trim

    One way to groom your eyebrows is to trim them. Keep in mind that you don't want to trim the hair too short, as it will then stick out and not lie flat. To determine the ideal length, choose one eyebrow hair and test it. Trim the hair down and see how short it can be while still laying flat. This will give you a guideline for trimming all of your eyebrows. Take your time and do this just one hair at a time.



  • Even if you are experienced at eyebrow grooming, mistakes are inevitable. While men balk at the use of cosmetics, using an eye pencil or eyeshadow to fill in bald spots is the best way to disguise the mistake. Make certain that the makeup matches the color of your eyebrows. Blend the pencil or shadow into the natural brows.

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