Sunday, February 6, 2011

How to Dress to Look Taller

Almost everyone wishes they were a few inches taller. Even people of average or above average height are often heard to remark on the subject. Unfortunately, once you stop growing, you are done. You However, there are ways to "cheat the system." You can dress in ways that add the appearance of several inches without making major changes to your style or your wardrobe--and without putting lifts in your shoes.

Things You'll Need:

  • Pin striped pants
  • Full length mirror
  • Tailor

Wear vertically oriented patterns. Pinstripes, herringbone patterns and chalk stripes all elongate the body. Select pants and jackets with these types of patterns to create the impression of height. Do not mix them, however, or you will just look short and very distracting.

Get a short haircut. Close-cropped locks make you look taller because they create a distinction between the head, neck and shoulders. Work with your hairstylist to select a style that is flattering for you.

Wear a shirt and pants of the same color. This will prevent you from breaking up your frame and causing people to focus on your body in pieces. Monochrome dressing is a sleek way to elongate your shape.

Avoid plaids and checks. These patterns are too busy to wear all over and emphasize your upper body, which can make your legs seem shorter.
Choose light or medium weight fabrics. Heavy fabrics can make you look bulky and stocky, characteristics which inherently make anyone look shorter than they are. Lighter fabrics flow with your body and create an elongated appearance.
Make sure your clothes fit. Many short men have considerable difficulty finding clothes that are the proper size and length. Come as close as you can, then have a tailor adjust your clothes so that they fit perfectly. Ill-fitting clothing draws attention to the fact that you may be smaller than you wish to appear.


Tips & Warnings

  • Check out all of your looks in a full-length mirror before your go out. If you only see yourself from the knees, waist or shoulders up, then you will have no idea about the overall effect of an outfit. You need to see yourself from top to bottom to avoid serious fashion mistakes.


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