Monday, February 7, 2011

Blood Type Diet


Here are the recommended diets for each blood type:
Blood Type O Diet (The Hunter)
The earliest blood group, associated with the hunter, tending to be muscular and active. Engaging in intense physical exercise is fundamental to the health of those in this blood type.
Type O dieters should stick to a high-protein diet heavy in meat but light on vegetables. Dairy and wheat products will lead to weight gain and should be avoided if possible. Foods in the brassica family such as cabbage, brussel spouts, cauliflower, and mustard greens inhibit thyroid function which leads to fatigue and weight gain. Coffee is also a strict no.

Blood Type A Diet (The Cultivator)
Type A evolved when humans began to build settlements and cultivate the land. The Type A diet therefore moves away from meat and emphasises vegetables. Carbs are fine, but meals should be very low fat. Dairy is also to be avoided, but coffee is beneficial.
Type A should ideally adhere to a strict vegetarian diet of complex carbs, fruits and vegetables. Type A has trouble digesting any type of animal protein, including dairy, so source protein from nuts, seeds, legumes and soy based products such as tofu.

Blood Type B Diet (The Nomad)
Blood type B supposedly evolved at a similar time to A, but is associated with a nomadic lifestyle and the herding of livestock. Dairy products are therefore an important part of this diet, along with a limited amount of meat.

Blood Type AB Diet (The Enigma)
Blood type AB is the most recently evolved type, and as you might expect its a combination of diets A and B. It is the most balanced diet, with a mixture of dairy, vegetables and meat.


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