Thursday, February 10, 2011

What are the causes of brown skin spot ?

Brown skin spots are referred to in lay terms as age spots, liver spots, freckles and sunspots. The spots most often occur on the temple area of the face or the backs of hands


  • Types of different brown spots on the skin are lentigo, melasma, moles, freckles, ephelids and seborrheic keratoses. A skin care specialist or dermatologist can best determine the type.

  • Causes

  • Brown skin spots caused by sun damage are often seborrheic keratoses or actinic keratoses. The seborrheic type is harmless but many people feel they are unsightly or make them appear older than they are. Actinic keratoses are precancerous growths.

  • Prevention

  • Using a sunscreen with at least an SPF factor of 15 will prevent most brown skin spots from occurring. This preventative measure must start in childhood.

  • Features

  • According to the Mayo Clinic, if a brown skin spot changes in size or shape, has an irregular border or bleeds, see a dermatologist to determine if it is skin cancer.

  • Removal

  • According to dermatologist Dr. Jeffrey Melton, removal of the seborrheic keratoses is by freezing (cryosurgery), laser treatment or surgical removal. The most precise method is laser removal. Using a skin bleaching cream for spots that are from sun damage is very effective.

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    7. Seborrheic keratosis is raised growths on the skin. Seborrheic Keratosis Natural Treatment is necessary, except for aesthetic causes. Light brown spots are symptoms of seborrheic keratosis.