Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lingerie - The Dirty Dozen

You don’t need a special event as an excuse to indulge in beautiful lingerie but an occasion such as Valentine’s Day does encourage us to make more of an effort. A word of warning though, just because Saint Valentine had the heart to declare it a day of love all those years ago does not mean you have to opt for something that will look tacky on the day and even more so after the 14th has passed.

underwear in lace, satin, silk and chiffon is certain to make an appearance much more than once a year. So splash out and give your underwear drawer a makeover because regardless of whether you are single or loved up, you’re so worth it.

pamper urself with this cute and sexy lingerie..suitable for new year as well as the coming valentine ~


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  1. Where's the link to the lingerie?